Salinas & Partners

Salinas & Partners is a legal and tax firm specialized in advising on indirect taxation, from a national and European perspective, to national and multinational companies handling with international trade transactions.

We are the Firm capable of understanding and addressing the issues and implications of Customs and Foreign Trade, Excise Duties and Green Taxes and Value Added Tax in Spain and its effects on other taxes under the framework of the tax system.

Our long experience in the international taxation has allowed us to identify the main uncertainties, the big questions and the main implications that companies have when they operate abroad Spain.

The experience of the team of lawyers and international and multidisciplinary advisors of Salinas & Partners makes us have a deep knowledge of the business problems and the needs of our clients when they operate with and from abroad, because we know the legal-tax implications of what it supposes;

• We know the tax, legal and tariff burdens

• We know both local and international tax and legal provisions regarding the indirect taxation

• We know the legal and tax implications for companies dealing with import-export transactions acting as manufacturer, distributor, agent commissioner, consignee, service provider, among others.

• We know the possible solutions to all the problems that internationalization can entail. This means, not only that we minimize the impact of our clients' risks, but also focus our objectives on achieving the best solutions for the problems posed by clients with the greatest benefits, always providing a high value added in the advice to be provided.

• We have built a network of international collaborating firms that allow us to offer comprehensive services to problems with local and global approach.

29. Feb
Governmental Tax and Customs Annual Plan for 2024

Governmental Tax and Customs Annual Plan for 2024

The Spanish Customs and Tax Plan has been published (Spanish Official Gazette 02/29/2024), which breaks down the actions to be carried out by the Spanish Tax Agency in 2024. Notwithstanding the foregoing, by way of preamble, we consider it relevant to anticipate the following actions: Promote the voluntary tax compliance. For that purpose, the Spanish …
29. Dec
New developments in indirect taxation and environmental taxation for 2024: Spanish Royal Decree-Law 8/2023

New developments in indirect taxation and environmental taxation for 2024: Spanish Royal Decree-Law 8/2023

On December 28, 2023, Spanish Royal Decree-Law 8/2023, of December 27, 2023, was published in the Official State Gazette, adopting measures to face the economic and social consequences derived from the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as to alleviate the effects of the drought (RD-l 8/2023), among which, we highlight the …