Governmental Tax and Customs Annual Plan for 2022

The Tax and Customs Control Plan (BOE 01/31/2020) has been published with new actions in the audits that will take place during 2022, taking into account the economic recovery, the companies and sectors benefited by the outbreak of COVID- 19, the boom in electronic commerce, the effects of the first anniversary of BREXIT, among other issues with tax impact.

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Coronavirus and Spanish Tax Procedures Underway

In the framework of the urgent tax measures implemented by the Government of Spain due to the extraordinary situation caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, the Ministry of Tax has published, on its website, a notice informing taxpayers the extension of the term of the tax procedures that are in progress until an amendment on the tax regulation is published. Aviso_importante__ampliacion_de_los_plazos_en_los_procedimientos_tributarios.shtml


In the event that you or your Company is involved in a tax procedure, it will be considered suspended until the Spanish Tax Office issues a new communication.

From Salinas & Partners, we will promptly inform our Clients of any tax communication that may affect both operations and transactions of their business.


Governmental Tax and Customs Annual Plan for 2020

The Spanish Tax Administration has published the Plan Tax and Customs Control (BOE 01/28/2020) with important developments in verification actions taking place during 2020, considering the relevant elements that are weaving the current international environment: Brexit, retaliation measures imposed to the United States, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and data analysis under the Big Data technique, new highly digitized business models, cryptocurrencies and services trade.

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