Monday, 16 March 2020 / Published in Customs, International Trade
Starting today and until April 26, the European Union submits for export the authorization of mouth protection masks, gloves and other protective clothing, whether or not they are originated from the EU, in order to guarantee the supply of these goods in the EU single market to deal with the epidemiological spread of COVID-19 in the Member States.

Regulation (EU) 2020/402 of March 14, 2020, making the exportation of certain products subject to the production of an export authorization, lists within Annex I the goods affected by this regulation (protective glasses, masks, gowns, suits and gloves) and the procedure to request the related export license that It will be issued by the authorities of each Member State (within a period of 5 working days -extendable-) , depending on the domestic and  EU community supply and consumption provisions.

The request for authorization for the export of the health goods affected by this measure can be done through electronic means.

From Salinas & Partners, we inform the recurrent export operators of these medical devices that, without the export license that expressly authorizes the exit of these goods from the EU customs territory destined for a third country, the exportation will be prohibited, for the time being, until next April 26.

Friday, 13 March 2020 / Published in Customs, Excise Duties, VAT
In the framework of the urgent tax measures implemented by the Government of Spain due to the extraordinary situation caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, the Ministry of Tax has published, on its website, a notice informing taxpayers the extension of the term of the tax procedures that are in progress until an amendment on the tax regulation is published. Aviso_importante__ampliacion_de_los_plazos_en_los_procedimientos_tributarios.shtml

In the event that you or your Company is involved in a tax procedure, it will be considered suspended until the Spanish Tax Office issues a new communication.

From Salinas & Partners, we will promptly inform our Clients of any tax communication that may affect both operations and transactions of their business.