Excise Duties and Green Taxes

Legal services

  • Tax procedures on data verification and excise duties/green taxes audits
  • Arguing appeal before national and EU bodies and courts
  • Claims of undue income for excise duties and green taxes paid in excess
  • Design and submission of binding rulings related to excise duties structures and regimes as well as for tariff classification in order to ascertain the excise duty rate
  • Handling documentation to support reductions, exemptions and EU circulation of excise goods

Risk management

  • Design and calculation of excise duties guarantees
  • Preventive and corrective audits on Intra EU acquisitions, deliveries and circulation, importations and exportations
  • Diagnosis of compliance for Excise Warehouses and other suspensive regimes
  • Identification of risks and key controls in the processes of manufacturing, importing, buying and selling and exporting
  • Design and implementation of control procedures, aligned with both best practices and domestic and international regulations
  • Fiscal and electronic stamps
  • Traceability reviews of the documentation and the IT inventory control system
  • Reconciliation of excise duties declarations along with their balances

Excise numbers and registries

  • Registration, management and maintenance of the following census:
    • Excise Duty Number for Activity (CAE)
    • Electricity Excise Duty (CIE)
    • Carbon Excise Duty (CAC)
    • Fluorinated Gases Excise Duty (CAF)
    • Plastic Excise Duty Number (CIP)
    • Refund professional diesel


  • Granting and maintenance of authorizations to act as Excise Factory, Warehouse, Registered Consignee and Consignor and Excise Process Relief.

Analytical and Strategic consulting

  • Redesign and optimization of excise duties and green taxes regimes, reductions and exemptions
  • Design of key controls that allow an accurate traceability of the excise transactions
  • Excise IT systems for common transactions as well as for the electronic fiscal stamps